Bio-Rhythms III Now Available

Biology Teachers, High School, AP, and College Students, Home Schoolers:

Want to add some fun and help answer biology students' ultimate question: "What do I really have to know about biology?" Use Dr. Art's biology songs and raps for content-rich biology music that teaches across the curriculum and uses students' multiple intelligences to increase learning and retention. Dr. Art's Bio-Rhythms songs will be among your most useful multimedia teaching aids, making science education fun for all! Priced to be accessible to those on a tight budget, with bulk prices for groups of teachers or students.



1) Order Online using your credit card.

2) Check: Send check or money order, for $20.90 ($15.95 plus $4.95 shipping) to: Dr. Art the Singing Scientist, 3900 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 101F, Washington, DC 20008. For bulk order prices see Pricing Information.

3) Through Carolina Biological Supply Company at 1-800-334-5551, BIO-RHYTHMS I&II CD, #74-6996.


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